Marriott’s Massive Data Breach

Marriott reports this week that it has exposed up to 500 million Starwood guests’ data going back as far as 2014. Affected hotels include Sheraton, Westin, W Hotels, Starwood timeshares and more, While it’s still not clear how much data may have been stolen, what is clear is that corporations are still not guarding their data properly. In today’s show, I’ll tell you what sort of customer information was vulnerable and what you can do to protect yourself.

In other news, Ford’s CEO voices plans to monetize their customers’ data, the USPS has a mail preview service that you’ll want to sign up for before the bad guys do it on your behalf, and if you’ve ever had the creepy feeling that customer support reps can see what you’re typing in chat support before you send it… it’s because they can!

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