Prying Yourself From Google’s Clutches

Did you know that Google owns Android, Waze, YouTube, Pixel phones and Chromebooks? Did you know that almost 90% of Google’s revenue comes from advertising? There’s hardly any part of your online life that isn’t somehow tracked by Google. By using Google’s email, calendar, docs, search, browser, cloud storage and even phones, we are allowing Google to know just about everything about us.

But there are viable alternatives that will respect your privacy. Daniel Davis from DuckDuckGo (a search privacy-first search company) will help us understand how and why Google tracks us, and then provide practical replacements for Google’s most popular services and products.

Daniel Davis is a Community Manager at DuckDuckGo, the Internet privacy company helping you take control of your personal information online. DuckDuckGo has its roots as the search engine that doesn’t track you, and has expanded to protect you no matter where the Internet takes you.

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Carey Parker: Hi everybody, welcome back to Firewalls Don’t Stop Dragons. I got another great interview show for you today. I know I’ve had three interviews in a row. It’s not normal. Usually I try to go back and forth, but it just hasn’t worked out that way lately. I’ve got some great people available for the reason I just couldn’t pass it up.

Carey Parker: Today we’re gonna be talking with Daniel Davis from DuckDuckGo and DuckDuckGo, if you recall, is the privacy centered search engine that’s an alternative to Google search engine and that is what we’re going to be talking about today. So we hear all the new stories about Facebook and Cambridge Analytica and all the things that have been exposed and all the things that Facebook knows about you. And what we really need to realize is that all of that just pales in comparison to what Google knows about most of us. Google is all up in everything that we do, and I think you’ll actually be surprised to learn that all the different ways that Google is in our lives.

Carey Parker: And so as all these scandals around privacy been coming around, I finally just decided personally that I’ve got to extract myself from Google, and they have some great products. These free products that they’ve had that I have used for many, many, many years are honestly great functionally, they’re wonderful. And because like Facebook because everybody uses them, it’s just so easy to share calendars, to share documents to … email of course is not quite the same because at least emails are standard that many different services support, so you don’t have to both be on Gmail in order to send email, which thank God. But, anyway, there are just so many things that Google’s part of lives and we’re going to cover that in the interview, So I’m not going to give too much away now.

Carey Parker: But the point of this interview, what I tasked Daniel with and they’ve got an article at DuckDuckGo about how to get rid of Google, how to live your life without Google products. And it goes through all the top Google products and gives you a really viable alternative. But to me that wasn’t good enough. What I wanted to know was, okay, if I’m deeply embedded in Google and I’ve got all this data and all my friends know my Gmail address and I’m sharing Google calendars with people, it’s not just enough to know here’s an alternative, but how do I actually switch from one to the other? And so we’re going to talk about that today with Daniel Davis and let’s jump right in.

Carey Parker: He’s got some really great info and we’ll start off talking a little bit about what the real backgro…