🎧 Crypto 101, What is Encryption, Anyway…

We’ve talked about encryption in just about every single one of these shows but we’ve never actually talked about what it means to encrypt something. Did you know that Julius Caesar used cryptography to send secret messages to his generals? You may have heard about the vaunted Enigma Machine used by the Germans in World War II, but how did it work? I’ll walk you through the basics of creating secret codes and how to crack them – the science of cryptography and cryptanalysis!

Secret codes have one big problem, though: coded messages stick out like a sore thumb. When you capture a spy with a piece of paper full of gibberish, you can bet it’s a coded message. But what if you could hide your messages in plain site? That’s called steganography and I’ll explain how crafty people have hidden messages since the days of the Ancient Greeks.

For Further Insight:

The Code Book by Simon Singh
The Code Breakers by David Kahn
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