🎧 Defending Your Home From Rogue IoT Devices

Our electronics and appliance manufacturers are desperately trying to turn all of their “dumb” products into “smart” ones by connecting them to the Internet – the new Internet of Things (IoT). And while dialing down your thermostat from the office and asking your portable speaker for today’s forecast is great, how can you trust that these devices aren’t spying on you or going rogue? In most cases, you can’t – which is why you need to wall them off from your computers

Today I’ll tell you how everyone can segregate these insecure devices using the WiFi router you already own. I’ll also tell you about a promising new project from Microsoft that may make future IoT devices much more secure, how Facebook is moving 1.5B users out from under GDPR protections, how services like 23andMe and Ancestry.com can be used to catch serial killers, and why the FBI may be lying about information “going dark”.

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