🎧 Facebook’s Two-Faced Privacy

Facebook has wants your face. Guess we should have seen that coming. While Facebook has been using face recognition for years now, it began notifying users in December of much broader use of this technology. Of course, they will tell you that you are the prime beneficiary, but by accepting this new feature you may be enabling Facebook to do much more. Tune in and I’ll tell you all about it, including how to turn it off!

We’ll also discuss how Apple is taking heat for moving some of its iCloud customers’ encryption keys to China, some great new privacy features coming soon to both Firefox and Android, and how you can see all your snail mail online (and maybe others can, too).

For Further Insight: 
How to turn off FB facial recognition: https://mashable.com/2018/02/28/how-to-turn-off-facebook-face-recognition/
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