🎧 Authorized Personnel Only: Saving You from Yourself

You know the best way to limit what malware can do on your system? Limit what YOU can do! Software on computers generally inherits the privileges of the current user. The problem is that the default account that comes with all computers has full administrator privileges – you can do anything. And whatever you can do, malware can also do. The solution is to always have a non-admin account that you use for day-to-day activities, reserving your admin account for very special tasks. According to experts, using a non-admin account could have mitigated 80% of critical Microsoft bugs in 2017.

I’ll also talk about Chrome’s new “ad filter” that falls well short, a bug on Apple devices that will allow a single character to crash your messaging apps, a new “turducken” Microsoft vulnerability, a nasty Skype bug that Microsoft claims takes “too much effort to fix”, and a new Facebook app feature called “protect” that should really be called “spy”.

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