🎧 Doing the Cybersecurity Two-Step

Despite being available for seven years, less than 10% of Google users have taken advantage of two-factor authentication. And yet, two-factor (or “two-step”) authentication is probably the best option today for most people to truly lock down their most important online accounts. I’ll tell you why it’s so effective and explain how you set it up.

We’ll also talk about the security news of the week including yet another Intel chip bug that could allow bad guys to hack your laptop in under 30 seconds, a high-tech targeted attack on WhatsApp and Signal users, a Netflix phishing campaign that’s trying to get your credit card info, and a nasty bit of Mac malware that can compromise all your web communications.

For further Insight:
Sites that support two-factor auth: https://twofactorauth.org/
Setting up and using Google Authenticator: http://firewallsdontstopdragons.com/two-factor-authentication/
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