🎧 Choosing the Safest Web Browser

In our next installment of the Castle Defense 101 series, I’ll help you to choose the web browser that will keep you safe and protect your privacy. We’ll talk about the big four (Safari, Internet Explorer, Firefox and Chrome) as well as some others you’ve never heard of. I walk you through the things you need to consider when comparing these browsers and explain why the choice can be tricky. In the end, I’ll share my personal browser strategy and recommend several free browser add-ons that will make you even safer!

In the news: Facebook recommends that you upload your nude photos so that they can protect you and a cheeky New Zealand company has created a new automated service that enables some sweet revenge on all those spam emailers.

For Further Insight:

ExpressVPN Browser rankings: https://www.expressvpn.com/blog/best-browsers-for-privacy/
RE: Scam, spammer chatbot: https://www.rescam.org/
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