🎧 Using Ad Blockers to Tame Those Annoying Web Ads

Web ads are the bane of our web-surfing existence, and yet people repeatedly reject the notion of paying for web content. How do we strike a balance? Today I speak at length with Ben Williams from Eyeo, the maker of one of the most popular web browser plugins of all time: AdBlock Plus. His company pioneered the notion of ‘acceptable ads’ and has returned some semblance of sanity to our web browsing experience, while preserving the revenue model that has allowed most web sites to remain free. We discuss the history and future of ads on the web, including the threat of ‘malvertising’ that can actually infect your computer.

In the news, I’ll get you up to speed on the hideous KRACK WiFi bug that affects billions of devices worldwide and explain why it’s not all it’s cracked up to be.

Ben Williams is from the greatest commonwealth of them all, Kentucky, and has lived in Berlin, Washington, DC and now in Bonn, Germany. Before joining eyeo, the company that makes Adblock Plus and Flattr, as communications director, he worked in non-profits mainly. He likes cooking, cassettes, records, writing and hiking.

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