Why I Killed my Company to Save my Customers, pt 2

In this final segment, we address the classic conundrum: law enforcement believes that your servers hold key information that would prevent a devastating terror attack, but revealing the information may violate the privacy of the client, or even other unrelated people. What do you do? Ladar Levison answers that very question. Prior to the interview, I explain what “secure email” really means and what it entails – it’s not nearly as simple as it might seem. And time is running out to submit your backup horror stories or maybe success stories! Send your tales to CareyParker@AmericaOutLoud.com for your chance to win a free copy of my book!

Ladar Levison serves as the founder, president, and chief executive of Lavabit, where he has worked the past 12 years. Lavabit was created because Mr. Levison believes that privacy is a fundamental, necessary right for a functioning, free and fair democratic society. Presently, Mr. Levison is focused on Lavabit’s Dark Mail Initiative, which aims to make end-to-end email encryption automatic and ubiquitous, while continuing to vigorously advocate for the privacy and free speech rights of all.

For Further Insight:

  • Website: www.lavabit.com
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Additional Resources:

  • Sign up for Lavabit secure email: https://lavabit.com/
  • Learn more about secure email: https://easycrypt.co/email-privacy-crash-course-part-1-introduction/