Why I Killed my Company to Save my Customers

Ladar Levison is the CEO and Founder of Lavabit – a secure email service whose most famous customer was Edward Snowden. In part one of my two-part interview with Ladar, we discuss what happened when the FBI came knocking on his door, demanding access to his private security keys. Ladar shares some deep insights into the notion of privacy and intelligence gathering in this country, and how to strike the proper balance.

I will also update you on the hot news from two top hacker conferences, including a nasty Mac virus and a bug in Broadcom WiFi chips found in over 1 BILLION devices worldwide. And I will tell you about one of the oldest and best fact-checking sites on the web, and why they need your help.

For Further Insight:

  • Website: www.lavabit.com
  • Follow on Twitter: https://twitter.com/kingladar

Additional Resources:

  • Sign up for Lavabit secure email: https://lavabit.com/
  • How to remove Flash: http://firewallsdontstopdragons.com/ditch-flash/
  • The web’s original fact checker: http://snopes.com/